About Reisinger’s Apple Country

The story of Reisinger’s Apple Country began in the early 1990’s. The idea was to grow enough fruit each year to pay the taxes on our property. At the time we had 70 acres of open fields, so we planted one acre of apples to start. One thing led to another and we ended up with 10,000 plus trees in the ground and a full time venture. In the beginning, Karen worked fulltime as a personnel manager with an architectural firm in Ithaca and Rick managed Cornell’s research orchards in Ithaca. We made the last trip over the hills to those “day” jobs in 2004. Meantime, expansion at the farm has meant a full time commitment for the entire Reisinger family (Rick, Karen kids and grandkids).

Our entire operation has been developed and run by family members. During our crunch times, some of our special neighbors are available to help out. We are all dedicated to making sure that your visit to our fruit farm is relaxing, educational and bountiful.

Our plantings were opened to public picking in 2002. Since then “word of mouth” has brought a wave of loyal pick–your-own families and friends to our farm. Our goal is to provide a place where family and friends can experience a beautiful day picking quality apples and fall raspberries. Nearly 50 acres of orchards, fields and meadows are open to stroll through while looking for those perfect apples or sampling sweet berries. You will have many opportunities to teach the kids about the value of fresh fruit and nutrition. Educational displays will show you the seasonal jobs required to run an apple orchard.

Ask about tours to the farm and our educational programs. Over 1,000 children from area schools tour our orchards and pick an apple every year. Spring workshops are held to show you how to prune your trees or plant fruit in your home gardens. Also, check out Rick’s Orchard Blog.  Rick gives weekly updates about our ongoing orchard work, what is going on in the orchard and what is being done to grow a crop throughout the year.

The tops of the apple trees are picked by the Reisinger family to provide bagged apples for sale in the orchard sales room. Other seasonal fruit grown on our farm are peaches, plums, blueberries and pears. These are packaged in the sales room for your convenience. On the weekend Homemade Apple Cider Donuts are always a special hit. Apple butter, jams and jelly are made on-site (with our fruit) which make great gifts as well as great eating. We make our own Apple Cider and our own Maple Syrup. Local honey and arts and crafts from family members and area artisans are popular for browsing as well.

We offer easy picking from the ground; no ladders needed (all within reach for young and old alike). Take one of our wagons for easy hauling (picking bags are provided). When you enter our apple orchard, there will be lots of memories to be made and shared. Cameras and picnic lunches will come in handy. Enjoy!

We purchased a neighboring farm in 2012 and we now grow our pumpkins on this ground, and have expanded our raspberry and blueberry planting there too. Our Maple operation is located on this farm as well.

Open early August through November depending on the crop and season. Hours are 9:00AM to 6:00PM seven days per week.