Apple Butter

I make and sell a lot of this spicy apple butter, in the winter when things slow down on our farm. I have eight crock pots I use so I make some really large batches. Any apple will work for apple butter, but mostly I use Crispin (Mutsu), as it cooks down well and it’s not too watery. Peel, and slice the apples and fill the crock pots. I add about ½ to one cup of cider to each pot and cook on low heat. Once the apples have cooked down and look like apple sauce, you can turn the heat up to high and cook until most of the liquid has evaporated. I add a package of pectin to each pot and cook until mixture is quite thick. To each pot I add about 4-5 cups of granulated sugar, 2 Tbl. cinnamon and 1 tsp. of cloves to each pot. (These are 6 quart pots). (You can add more or less sugar and spices to your own taste.) Continue cooking until mixture is very thick and will start to gel a bit. Ladle into ½ pint jars and process in a hot water bath for 10-15 minutes. This is a great product to use on toast, pancakes, crepes, crackers, etc.


  1. Helen Gormont says:

    It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday. You have a wonderful store with terrific Sansa apples! We’ve already had several! I opened the jar of apple butter I purchased from you yesterday and compared it to the “store-bought” I had in the refrigerator. NO COMPARISON! I can’t wait to make my own apple butter using your recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dan & Betsy Reed says:

    have to tell you that my husband and I (as everybody else) enjoy coming to your orchard year after year especially for the apples. We always buy some of your apple butter and this year, we have decided to try making it ourselves. We are using your recipe and hoping it turns out as well as yours!

    Thank you for making a yearly tradition so enjoyable for both of us!


  3. My husband and I visited your wonderful orchard in September when we were vacationing from Ohio. We bought a jar of your delicious apple butter to bring home with us. It was absolutely wonderful served up on the cornmeal flapjacks I made this morning. So yummy! And thank you for sharing your recipe on the web site. I will definitely be trying my hand at making a batch to share with family and friends.

  4. Dave Probst says:

    I tasted your apple butter when we were purchasing some apples and knew I had to make some.
    I used your recipe yesterday and it turned out fantastic! You’ll never buy anything in a grocery store that comes close to your recipe!
    Thank you so much for sharing and taking to me.

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