Apple Pancakes

I always buy the premix pancake flour. There a lot of good brands to select from, but my favorite is New Hope Mills buttermilk mix. I prefer the buttermilk mix rather than the buckwheat mix as it is milder and brings out the apple flavor.

Start with 1 ½ cups mix, add a beaten egg and one cup chopped (very fine) apples. Be sure to peel and core the apple first – the skin tends to be tough. Add about ¾ cup milk depending on whether you like a thick or thin pancake. NEVER beat the batter. Stir gently until mixed. Bake on a hot griddle (turn pancake after bubbles on the top break). Do not press down on pancake as it cooks. Once you turn the pancake it only takes about a minute to cook the other side. For variations you can add ½ tsp. cinnamon to the apples.

Serve with real butter and maple syrup or honey. Apple Butter is also great on Pancakes.

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