Dried Apples

This is such a wonderful healthy snack for your and the kids. I have a small dehydrator I found a K-mart. If you have a large family there are commercial dehydrators available.

Use any apple in season. Wash, peel (or not), slice thin, about ¼ “thick. You don’t have to be exact.

Place slices on your dehydrator rack evenly and turn temp to the lowest setting. Depending on your unit and the thickness of your slices, it takes about 12-24 hour to dry. It also depends on whether you like your apples to be chewy or crisp.

Some folks dip the apples in lemon juice to prevent browning; some dip them in cinnamon & sugar. I do not add anything to my apples and they are great. My grandchildren prefer these to cookies.

Note: If you prefer chewy apples do not seal them in an air tight container after drying, as they could mold due to the moisture left in the fruit.

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